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A software system to help automate the Sales force.

Manage Contacts, Leads, Opportunity, Campaigns and Accounts for your entire organization. A centrally managed, database driven software system to completely manage your marketing and sales efforts. It covers the entire spectrum right from Campaign generation and Lead management right untill the Opportunity is closed into a Sale.

Product and Services catalog.

Individual activity schedule and tracking.

Manager can view subordinate activity, status and progress.

Dashboard for quick view of vital information

Email Campaign

Mailing Label

Platform: Windows 32/64 bit
Language: Microsoft .NET C#
License: Restricted Commercial Use

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

VersionDateChange log July 2012Release Version
 10th August 2012Minor UI - Update
 16th August 2012User features - Update
 23rd October 2012Import Option added
 6th November 2012Search/Filter added December 2012Auto-Update feature December 2012Minor UI - Update January 2013Minor UI - Update 1st February 2013 Feature: Create address labels 13st February 2013 Update: Added option to export contact addresses in table format 5th March 2013 Update: Improved address labels 14th March 2013 Feature: Mailers support attachments 10th April 2013 Feature: Campaign Reports 24th April 2013 Feature: Bulk Mail improvement Update: Email Campaign can filter outbound email domains 26th June 2013 Feature: Email engine, skip emails list

 Video Tutorials
ViewCreate New Lead
ViewConvet Lead To Opportunity
ViewCreate New Opportunity
ViewFilter Opportunity

Installation Instructions
  1. Run the Database Management utility included in the package.
  2. Follow tutorial for details.


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