Tutorial CRM - Getting Started, Add Template

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The Email Template is used as content by the Email Mailer process. Any html file can be used to create a template.

Select Source


The source file must be a html file (web page), this file can be online or local to your computer. For an online URL paste/type it in the source box, in case of a local file select it using the "Open Folder/File" button.

The inline image option will add the images to email content as attachments. This will increase the mail message size. Recommended to be enabled.

Click the "Start" button.

Step 1: Process file


Click the "Step 1" button to start the process.

Step 2: Download and Embed Images


Click the "Step 2" button to start downloading and embedding any image links found in the page content.



Click "Yes" to confirm.

Step 3: Save


Fill in a name for the template and an optional description, then click "Step 3" button to save.