Tutorial CRM - Getting Started, Add Mailer

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The Mailer is the process that combines an email template with a recipient list and other information. When a mailer is run it will send out emails.

Create New Mailer


Click the "New" button to start the mailer creation process.

Mailer Information


Required information;

  • Name
  • Select Template
  • Subject
  • Contacts
    1. Me: Send mail to all contacts owned by you.
    2. Group: Send mail to all Group shared contacts
    3. All: Entire Contact list
  • Email Type
    1. Include addresss listed as Work
    2. Include address listed as Personal, Other



Lists all contacts that will be included in this mailer. You need to press the "Load Contacts" button to list them.

Email List


Load email address from any Excel compatible (CSV) or plain text file.

Option: Add to Database


Wwhen loading an email list, you have an option to add this list permanently to the CRM database.

Email Accounts


Add all the email accounts that will be used for sending email, you can add multiple accounts so that when the "Rotate Accounts" option is ticked, the mailer will switch between these accounts randomly.