Tutorial CRM - Getting Started, New Contact

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Adding a new Contact to the CRM2 system is a 2 step process. Add and Save a new contact with minimum information. Then add details.


Click the "New Contact" button on the main toolbar.

Create Contact


The First and last name are the minimum required fields to create a new contact.

Options are to hide the Mobile/Cellular phone number, Share this contact with the entire organization. By default the Contact is only shared among your group (i.e. your manager and peers).

Add Details


Other details can now be added.

Add Email/Phone


Add new email by clicking the New button. Select the email type and fill in the email address.

Phones can be added from the Phone Tab PAge

Business Information


Fill in the business information available for the contact.

Add Address


Business address is usually necessary. Click new to add address. Then select address type. All fields except the P O Box are necessary.

Personal Information (Optional)


Fill in the personal information.

Internet Information


Fill in the Internet related information.

Classification (Category/Tag)


Select the Category that this contact fits in and optionally select tags. Both Categories and Tags have to be pre-defined.


Please click SAVE.