Tutorial CRM - Database Management

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The Database Management Utility is used to create the default database structure needed for the CRM2 system. It can also be used for administrative tasks like taking periodic database backups.

Settings Tab


Fill in the Database name, Database Server name, Database User Name and Database User Password. These are required fields. Optionally if the MySQL server is installed locally (on this computer) then also select the path to the programs as shown. Click SAVE when all fields have been filled.

Restore Tab


The Import Tab area is used to restore a database from a backup file. Select the backup file.

Restore - Create Database


During Restore, you have an option to create a fresh database. Check this option.

Warning - Create Database


Selection of the "Create Database" option will display a warning. Click OK to continue.

Restore - Database Root password


Fill in the MySQL database root password. This is required.

Restore - Completed


The above notification is shown when the Restore process is completed.

Backup Tab


The Backup area allow you to take database backups. Select the backup file folder. This backup folder path is saved between application restarts. During the next invocation the file name is automatically generated and you only have to ckick the START button to initiate the Backup process.

Backup - Completed


The above notification is displayed when the Backup process has been completed.